Meet Our Team

Who are we? The S2K team brings a wealth of experience in print, merchandising, design and customer service. Our dynamic, collaborative and family-like culture has brought us many years of success in the printing industry. Our team consists of leaders, innovators, thinkers, creatives and artists, and marketers delivering merchandising solutions and client success stories. 


Dan Pulos, Vice President & General Manager

Dan Pulos is the founder and general manager of S2K Graphics.  Dan is directly responsible for strategy and sales. His passion for creativity, technology and his focus on customer-driven innovation are inspirational drivers at S2K. 

Dan launched S2K as a one-person, entrepreneurial start-up in 1989 with a 5-year business plan and a vision of the corporate culture he wanted to create.  S2K grew quickly as Dan acquired a strong customer base and talented co-workers early on.  After 18 years of growth largely in the Western U.S., Dan sold the company to Franke, a Swiss-based global enterprise, in an effort to scale the business nationally.  Sales doubled, a second facility in the Nashville was opened and S2K benefited from exposure to Franke’s business discipline and best practices.  Dan has successfully retained S2K’s original entrepreneurial spirit within the framework of the corporate parent and he remains passionate about the business today.  

Dan has an undergraduate degree in finance and an MBA from UCLA.  Prior to launching S2K, Dan held positions as a scientific programmer, statistical analyst, corporate financial planner and finally, as a CFO.  Dan has received U.S. patents for signage hardware, merchandising software and 3-D graphic treatments.  He is married, has four children and three grandchildren, and enjoys playing the guitar, kayaking and an exposure to all things creative.


Phil Garcia, Director of Operations

As S2K's Director of Operations, Phil oversees the day-to-day activities of the organization including manufacturing, purchasing, order processing, project management, as well as the art department and logistics.

Phil joined the S2K team 17 years ago after making a transition from the high-tech electronics industry into the printing and merchandising world. From the early days at S2K, process improvement and adapting new technologies were at the core of his vision for the company. In a short period of time, he became a respected member in the printing community.

Phil has ensured that S2K is always at the forefront in the printing industry. His focus on technology and operational excellence are a guiding force for the S2K team. He managed successful transitions from older analog printing equipment and processes to the latest digital equipment and technologies. Phil was an early adaptor in the implementation of color management in the large-format digital printing industry. Today, S2K is second to none when it comes to quality and color management.

Phil has a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering. He has worked in various industries from electronics and optics to semiconductor test equipment. Phil is married, has three children and four grandchildren. He enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures.

Jane Dretzka   Senior Account Executive

Jane Dretzka

Senior Account Executive

Maria Espina   Account Manager

Maria Espina

Account Manager

Kim Castano   Marketing Specialist

Kim Castano

Marketing Specialist

Brandon Ledford   Operations Manager

Brandon Ledford

Operations Manager

Leslie Malo   Art Department Supervisor

Leslie Malo

Art Department Supervisor

Araksia Baregamian   Order Processing Manager

Araksia Baregamian

Order Processing Manager

Gregg Gauvin   Project Manager II

Gregg Gauvin

Project Manager II

Lucas Rivera   Project Manager II

Lucas Rivera

Project Manager II

Jaime Flores   Digital Production Supervisor

Jaime Flores

Digital Production Supervisor

Eddie Garcia   Logistics Supervisor

Eddie Garcia

Logistics Supervisor