S2K Window Wrap Program

Window Wraps are a core product of S2K. With more than 25,000 installations to date and three proven programs (One-Size-Fits-All, Multi-Size, and Custom) to choose from, only S2K has true design expertise with this product. We are the only company who has formulated graphic materials allowing for easy installation of oversized graphics by your crew... so easy, even you could do it! 

We offer a one-call program management and agency tools to ensure a successful program in your market, as well as affordable, reliable and on-time performance across the U.S. 

Our Window Wrap Program provides: 

  • A unique, branded look to your retail or restaurant space.
  • Increased awareness and foot traffic.
  • Communication without clutter.
  • Amplified, strategic retail themes.

Available in 3-D, Opaque, View-Thru and Day/Nite Formulations


Our One-Size-Fits-All Window Wrap is a great starter program and the most affordable system that fills most restaurant and retail windows. 


  • Brings consistent and focused messaging to your market
  • Innovative approach delivers "custom-look" results in windows up to 5 feet tall. 
  • Easy to install! 


Our best-selling Window Wrap Program! Multi-size Window Wraps provide up to 4 times larger graphics than our One-Size-Fits-All program. This program's innovative approach delivers big messaging to every storefront. It's easy to self-install and fits all windows to the best size possible. 

Installation videos and customized store-specific installation guides are included to improve field results. Seed store training is available to further drive execution results in your market. 


  • Brings consistent and focused messaging to the market.
  • Innovative approach delivers a "custom-look" to almost any size window 
  • Can be self-installed! 
  • Reduces clutter.
  • Low-cost and affordable!

Examples of our Multi-Size Window Wrap applications: 

1-Panel, Multi-Size Window Wrap

1-Panel, Multi-Size Window Wrap

2-Panel, Multi-Size Window Wrap

2-Panel, Multi-Size Window Wrap

3-Panel, Multi-Size Window Wrap

3-Panel, Multi-Size Window Wrap



Our Custom Window Wrap program leverages the true power of your retail or restaurant real estate. This programs provides maximum impact and perfect execution for your merchandising campaigns.

We provide complete project management from design through post-installation service to make it easier for you. We deliver on the six pillars required for program success: 

  1. Program Management 
  2. Survey & Analysis
  3. Creative Design 
  4. In-House Production 
  5. Installation & Service 
  6. Documentation
DRINK 3_11-17-17.jpg
DRINK 4_11-17-17.jpg


  • Large graphics optimized to each of your restaurant or retail location's window display opportunities.
  • More creative freedom!
  • Professional installation for quality results. 

Customer Testimonials

Window Wraps provide a unique and eye-catching method for advertising our products,
that has helped to increase our sales.
— McDonald's of Oklahoma
S2K Graphics did a great job on the execution, gettign all of the decals up in the same time frame.
Having them manage the entire program from start to finish allowed me to work on
other projects without worry.
— Cole Daily, Moroch Houston
We have used S2K window wraps in the Northwest for several years to support our long
standing beverage value platform. This element is long lasting and a highly effective
exterior piece that drives traffic into the restaurants
— Ann Tousignant, The Coca-Cola Company, Pacific NW