S2K Window Wrap Program

Window Wraps are a core product of S2K. With more than 25,000 installations to date and three proven programs (One-Size-Fits-All, Multi-Size, and Custom) to choose from, only S2K has true design expertise with this product. We are the only company who has formulated graphic materials allowing for easy installation of oversized graphics by your crew... so easy, even you could do it! 

We offer a one-call program management and agency tools to ensure a successful program in your market, as well as affordable, reliable and on-time performance across the U.S. 

Our Window Wrap Program provides: 

  • A unique, branded look to your retail or restaurant space.
  • Increased awareness and foot traffic.
  • Communication without clutter.
  • Amplified, strategic retail themes.

Available in 3-D, Opaque, View-Thru and Day/Nite Formulations



Our One-Size-Fits-All Window Wrap is a great starter program and the most affordable system that fills most restaurant and retail windows. 


  • Brings consistent and focused messaging to your market
  • Innovative approach delivers "custom-look" results in windows up to 5 feet tall. 
  • Easy to install!