Bring life to your restaurant or store lobby and increase engagement with our customizable standees. Get your customers to take #seflies with our customizable standees, increase engagement and drive foot traffic. 



  • Assemble it in just a few seconds! It's easy to assemble and easy to store.
  • Very lightweight but sturdy.
  • Low-cost, affordable and reusable.
  • Easy to brand and customizable for any promotion.
  • Added experience for your customers to increase engagement and foot traffic.



In regards to the seflie stands, we think they were great! The feedback that we received from the operators and restaurants were very good. It was a fresh new addition to the POP kits, so thanks again for helping us put this together. We didn’t hear of any issues with the stands, but the promotion was short lived. What was supposed to be a 4 week promotion, ended up being 10 days! I guess we didn’t have to be worried after all... we also used them at our tasting event and they were a hit!
— Melissa Wong, Account Supervisor - MVNP
It was very light weight and no sharp corners. It was also popular on the college campus location with students.
— Pay Myers, Supervisor - 7 McDonald's restaurants in NY
We did not experience any issues and thought the standee was great!
— Libby Allen - Bernstein-Rein
When Charlotte signed on as the “Official Coffee of the Charlotte Hornets”, we were really looking to plus-up and activate inside our restaurants. We worked with S2K to create a Hornet Standee where customers could take their picture with the mascot. Customers loved the standee and we experienced a new way to activate such partnerships inside our restaurants ... customers young & old loved it! There were no safety issues and the standee didn’t interfere with operations inside the restaurants. The S2K standee helped McDonald’s Charlotte win the “Partnership Activation” award at the Hornets summit!
— Leah Galloway, Account Supervisor - Moroch