S2K Graphics Releases Exclusive New Window Decal Formulation

S2K Graphics, an affiliate of Franke Group and a nationally recognized leader in point-of-purchase merchandising, has released its newest exclusive product offering, R-N-B (repositionable, no bubbles)— a special window decal formulation created by S2K Graphics founder and president, Dan Pulos. The new window graphic material, which is patent pending, became available in August, and multiple orders for the product have already been received.

Setting itself apart from other graphic materials, R-N-B was formulated to combat typical window graphic installation challenges. Whereas traditional window graphics often require two people to properly install them, R-N-B was developed so that retailers need not rely on professional or experienced installation teams to properly apply oversized promotional graphics. A typical 4-foot-high R-N-B decal can be applied by one person without the use of a squeegee and produce a professional result with no air bubbles and no creases.

Pulos said that the product has been a dream of his for many years.

“I’ve had the idea for about five years now and have been actively searching for a graphic film that would do what I had in mind,” Pulos said. “After extensive research, it was determined that the product didn’t exist, so I created my own special formulation, which is custom made for us and only available through S2K Graphics. My goal was to make window graphic installation fun! I wanted employees to fight over who gets to install the new graphics every time a new set arrives at the store. I believe we’ve achieved that with R-N-B. 

R-N-B is very forgiving with a built-in stiffness that allows a single person to apply, reposition and reapply graphics up to 5-foot-high without damaging the decals. Additionally, the product can be re-used if removed within 30 days of initial installation and properly stored for future re-use. The features increase the percentage of correct installations a multisite retailer should expect in the field. R-N-B prints are priced comparably to view-thru films, providing retailers with a high return on investment in both labor savings and field results.

Pulos said the inspiration for R-N-B came from the Colorforms kits that were popular toys in the 1960s and ’70s. These kits were comprised of multiple printed graphic pieces that could be easily repositioned using static cling technology to create multiple scenes or outfits for cartoon characters. Pulos envisioned creating a window graphic film that was just as much fun to work with and would allow virtually anyone to easily install graphics up to 5 feet tall. The product makes oversized graphic installations a low-risk, affordable reality for multisite retailers that would otherwise be dissuaded from tackling such a program.

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