S2K Graphics Successfully Renews G7 Master Certification

S2K Graphics, an affiliate of Franke Group and a nationally recognized leader in point-of-purchase (P.O.P.) merchandising, has successfully renewed its G7 Master certification, having first obtained the certification in 2011. A G7 certification is an internationally recognized methodology for calibrating printing presses and proofing systems, and renewal is possible every two years after the initial certification is recognized.

In order to receive the G7 Master certification, printers must demonstrate skilled, tested and proven leadership in print production; show knowledge of the fields of color management, process and quality control; and work to reduce costs, improve brand consistency and have a quick turn-around time.

“As a G7 Master Facility, we have developed process control systems that enable us to deliver color accurate products,” said Philip Garcia, director of operations for S2K Graphics. “We can efficiently manage color across many different printing platforms at multiple printing facilities within our organization. The biggest factor in the printing industry is being able to match, with accuracy, colors for our clients, and this certification informs our clients that we are able to do so.”

The certification is an acknowledgement and testament to the facility’s ability to calibrate color accuracy, as was most recently demonstrated through the press check process S2K Graphics provided for two major automotive companies, Kia and Mitsubishi. The press check process involves sending clients contract proofs to demonstrate the ability to match the clients’ colors. Both automotive companies signed off on the first round of articles sent for color approval.

“S2K's color management systems combined with G7 certification produce superior color for our clients,” said Leah Barash, senior account executive at S2K Graphics. “This has resulted in a fast and effective press check experience and, in most cases, first-round color approvals. Our clients continue to choose to work with S2K for these reasons as well as because of our innovative product line and customer service excellence.”

The benefits S2K Graphics clients receive when working with a G7-certified printer include the assurance of receiving a high-quality end product and accurate, brand consistency.