How To Install  R•N•B  Window Decals

R•N•B (Repositionable, No Bubbles)

R-N-B is very forgiving with a built-in stiffness that allows a single person to apply, reposition and reapply graphics up to 5-foot-high without damaging the decals. Additionally, the product can be re-used if removed within 30 days of initial installation and properly stored for future re-use. The features increase the percentage of correct installations a multisite retailer should expect in the field. R-N-B prints are priced comparably to view-thru films, providing retailers with a high return on investment in both labor savings and field results.


  • Fast Installation: You save big on installation time and money.

  • Repositionable: Adjust the decal until it's "just right" to attract more customers! 

  • No Bubbles: Get professional results from your amateur installers (the crew!).

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