Drive-Thru Magnetic Toppers

Our magnetic graphics can be applied to any ferrous surface and turns vehicles, steel panels, and most metal doors into a new advertising space. Installation and removal of magnetic graphics is easy, allowing you to promote your brand and product quickly. 

Available with three-dimensional graphics such as our 3D cups, this product creates a disruptive 180° visual in your drive-thru lanes. 


  • Easy to apply magnetic system and easy to remove! 
  • Durable and affordable!



Made in the U.S.A., our magnetic drive-thru topper hardware has the best quality in the system. This 90 in. x 30 in. display area can be segmented in multiple inserts. With thousands of installations around the country, this 90 in. x 30 in. solid steel hardware can be segmented into multiple inserts, compatible with FP-43 menuboard systems, and works with Florida Plastics LED lighting kit