S2K Patents

We are dedicated to providing our customers innovative and the best merchandising solutions. For over 25 years, we have been researching, testing, and developing new products and services for their merchandising success. Below lists our patents granted by the United States Patent and Trademark office. 



Dimensional Offsets.JPG

Our dimensional offset system was developed as a solution to replace outdate dimensional system, such as Styrofoam blocks with double-sided tape which can be too bulky to ship and difficult to install. This transforms standard, flat graphics into 3-D designs by providing layered dimensionality for promotional displays. These patented dimensional offset system are custom-made and available in full-color designs with one, two and three-inch offset systems. 




U.S. Patent #8,660,898 issued in 2014.

This P.O.P. Placement Program is our signature product for multi-site retailers. Used in thousands of McDonald's restaurant locations around the United States today.


This program works by first creating full-color, realistic renderings of each individual location or site. Based upon these full-color renderings, along with consumer traffic patterns that include both inside and outside the site, the program prioritizes the franchisors' P.O.P. merchandising elements. 

Benefits of using this program: 

  • Dramatically improves merchandising execution at every retail location. 
  • Maximizes the ROI of our client's P.O.P. investment 
  • Reduces clutter!
  • Reduces P.O.P. installation time by up to 20 minutes per location. 

Box SIgnS

S2K's patented One-Size-Fits-All Box Signs fits securely over our 4 ft. tall mounting stakes.

These box signs can be placed anywhere in your exterior zones, whether it is in your drive-thru, front lawns, parking areas, or your entrance. 


  • Market your promotions, products, or messaging at any angle! Our Box Sign's unique configuration provides 360 degree messaging. 
  • Durable and affordable product!
  • Reflective graphics, led lights, 3-D are available as add-ons!